Open Art Studio : Painter of Budapest

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from 2019 Januar:
I start to open my art studio gallery to the public again. 

You can check here my artworks and gift products from my paintings.

I have an exhibition from my originals here too, and you can feel the atmosphere of a Budapest artist life. You can check how to process my new artworks. I am happy if you visit to me.  My studio is in the center of Budapest, very good to come by Public transport or by foot. If you are tired, you can sit for a coffee at me. If you are interested to visit me, please write me or call.

I have no fix opening time. If you would like to come, please call me, or write me to fix time. Thanks

Visit my open art studio / Keressen fel stúdiómban

If you have time, I am happy if you write a feedback about my Art studio